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February 22nd, 2011 | filmtiki

filmtiki is a creative digital marketing studio, based in Brighton, UK.

We have been creating digital marketing solutions for the global film and entertainment industry since 2008. We also provide custom training, workshops and lectures for media professionals and universities.

Since 2013 we have been producing narrative-led immersive VR experiences, built in Unity 3D, in addition to developing and producing creative film marketing solutions, amongst them viral video campaigns for the Columbia TriStar movies World
Invasion: Battle Los Angeles and The Amazing Spider-Man.

We have also successfully trained filmmakers in the fields of 360 video production and VR production with support from Creative Skillset and the New Zealand Film Commission, as well as provided consulting services to production companies and content creators. In 2018 we were added to the BAFTA VR advisory group as associate members.

Have a look around our site to see how we can help you engage with your audiences in a more creative and effective way.