Interactive Audiences

New Marketing and Distribution possibilities through Creative Post Production Techniques and New Technologies

This is a hands-on workshop aimed at digital filmmakers who want to learn how to creatively and effectively use post-production techniques, software and new technologies to connect directly with their audience in an engaging and interactive way to establish new marketing and distribution opportunities.

During this workshop filmmakers will:

  • Create specific marketing content suited for your project

    Filmmakers will bring in and/or produce footage during the workshop, which they will then edit in Final Cut Pro and treat and grade in After Effects. Furthermore, they will create a suitable web presence for their project.

  • Learn about new technologies and post-production processes.

    We will introduce filmmakers to future concepts for producing and marketing genre- specific content for their film project, using new and emerging real-time technologies like video and projection mapping, mesh cloud technologies like the Kinect and leap motion for interactive installations and real-time green-screening technology using the Occulus Rift and Unity, the free 3D world/game/environment making software.

  • Develop a bespoke and targeted marketing and distribution strategy.

    Together we will develop a bespoke and targeted marketing and distribution strategy overview, which is targeted at their audience and is individually tailored to their film and genre. Furthermore, they will learn to efficiently and effectively create and manage their web presence.

Applications for this course are now closed.

Main tutors – biographies:

Iris Lamprecht:

Iris is passionate about all things media. After finishing her MA in Media Studies and Public Relations at the University of Vienna she went on to work in the film industry in New Zealand on local as well as Hollywood productions. She was also the Co-ordinator of the Wellington Fringe Film Festival. In 2007 she started working as a Digital Marketing Consultant, specialising in strategic consultancy for the film industry. Iris now lives and works in Brighton, UK and is a part-time lecturer at Regent’s University London and INSEEC in London, but she is also visits Paris, France and Vienna, Austria regularly to hold guest lectures at universities.

At filmtiki, Iris develops 360° communication strategies for clients, holds workshops and lectures, develops new courses on digital marketing and distribution and produces videos and multimedia installations. Her vision, her creative approach to utilising media and her knack for communicating with a varied audience make her a sought after speaker and project leader.

Scott McPherson:

Scott McPherson established himself as amoeba in Glasgow in 1995, as an independent creative design studio. amoeba works with and for brands, agencies, broadcasters, publishers, record labels and TV production companies, specialising in creatively led design, direction and consultation for projects in print, branding, broadcast, multimedia and audio-visual installations. Scott also teaches new design technologies at artists workshops and festivals in Russia, Europe and at INSEEC London.

Jilt Van Moorst:

Jilt is a creative developer with 15 years of experience developing interactive installations, games, applications and educational software. His portfolio includes: Application development,
Interactive installations,
Online games,
Facebook apps,
Web development,
iPhone/iPad apps and games,
3D interactive walkthroughs,
Lectures / Workshops and
Motion Graphics
Event Visuals. Jilt teaches part-time at the Amsterdam Film Akademie and regularly holds New Design Technology courses at INSEEC London. Together with amoeba and filmtiki he developed a Facebook app for the Roland Emmerich feature film Anonymous.

Simon Wilkinson:

Simon is a Brighton-based filmmaker, who has been working for over 15 years in film education. Together with business partner Paul Dutnall he runs multi-award winning youth and community film production and screening company Junk TV. Junk TV has done workshops and training programmes for young people and communities since 2000, encouraging them to tell their own stories. Simon is specializing in innovative storytelling using new technologies and is currently working on his own AV performances. His current installation, The sound of the wind in the trees, is featured in the Brighton Digital Festival.

Case study
The Filmtiki team were pleased to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from all of our participants in our first Interactive Audiences Workshop. Over the course of one year, we have worked intensely with a small group of creative minds from a diverse media background, including film and theatre.
The latter group included Daisy Campbell and several members of her production crew who were anticipating launching a major crowdfund campaign for an event called Cosmic Trigger, a multi-city joint festival/theatre event featuring cutting-edge production technologies and multi-media elements that would premiere in late 2014. The team, headed by Campbell, initially set out to raise £23,000 using the Indiegogo platform for Cosmic Trigger.
Due to the time-sensitive nature of the project, it was critical to establish a strong online presence and digital strategy early on in order to ensure success. Over the course of the Interactive Audiences Workshop, filmtiki mentors focused on supporting the Cosmic Trigger team to develop their project management, to establish key audiences and to maintain momentum throughout the campaign by strategically releasing viral teasers and ‘extras’ made up of previously unseen materials from Robert Anton Wilson and Ken Campbell’s original 1976 production of Illuminatus! 
The team was able to generate a great deal of buzz on social networks in the weeks leading up to the launch of the 45-day crowdfund campaign, which went live on May 23, 2014, which included attracting the support of high profile actors, authors and counter-culture figures. Their support, as well as the caliber of the individuals involved in the Cosmic Trigger stage production, in particular, helped Cosmic Trigger to gain a great deal of publicity on well targeted alternative and traditional publications.

As the crowdfunder progressed, Campbell and her team worked to significantly expand upon their audience base of Illuminatus! and Robert Anton Wilson fans, to include fans of graphic novels (as author Alan Moore is also involved with the Cosmic Trigger production)  as well as fans of experimental theatre. At the height of the campaign, the team also arranged for actor Stephen Fry to publicise the campaign on his personal twitter feed. By its conclusion on July 4th, they had raised more than £26,000, exceeding their original funding target.


During the remainder of the Workshop days and one-to-one mentoring sessions with filmtiki management, we focused on advising Campbell on maintaining the relationships Cosmic Trigger had developed with its supporters on social networks and on ensuring that Campbell’s application process for additional Arts Council funding went smoothly. We also consulted on the use of Oculus Rift in their performance.

This scheme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the National Lottery via the BFI, and through the Skills Investment Fund (SIF).



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