Audience on Demand: training consultancy for Film London

filmtiki won the tender for a training consultancy for the Audience on Demand training scheme, which was developed and presented by Film London and Creative England and was funded by Creative Skillset and the British Film Institute. The aim was to develop a practical training kit for filmmakers in different stages of production of feature film projects to help them develop their own marketing and distribution strategies as part of the training programme. We took this brief one step further and developed a strategy template for each participant of the programme, which was based on answers they gave us to a questionnaire we developed for this programme.

The result was 17 individual strategy templates for the filmmakers, which they received and used as the basis for their individual marketing and distribution strategies. In individual 1 on 1 sessions we then discussed their draft and clarified questions that were raised in the learning process. The biggest challenge to overcome for the filmmakers in this programme was the lack of budget for marketing and distribution measures, which resulted in mostly staggered approaches: a big push in DIY marketing in order to gain an audience, which can then be used as leverage to raise financing for distribution measures.

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