Branding Concept: He Met Her

He Met Her, a Californian pop duo, commissioned amoeba and filmtiki to develop a branding and marketing concept for their act. We designed a number of activities for them to enable their engagement with fans and build an audience for He Met Her.

He Met Her needed to leverage their image as two young adults that are what their audience aspires to be: young, sexy, hip, stylish, extrovert, cool, edgy, creative – in a DIY way. HMH could be one of them: they dress up and go out, they take cool photos when they go out and post them online, they are creative, and they do what they like – much like their target audience. Through engaging with international audiences by working these qualities into their branding and marketing approach they can make sure that they connect and convert them to fans through a more individual and personal experience, which is what their audience wants.

The branding concept included a logo and branding redesign, a website redesign, a Facebook game, an audio remix app, a spray wash / stick & click campaign, mapped virtual concerts using VVVV technology, and PR in traditional and online media.

Here are some of the concept designs for the branding campaign.

HMH outdoor advertising – a fan-driven sticker campaign, accompanied by a non-destructive spraywash campaign


HMH Facebook video app – a Facebook game enabling HMH’s audience to be part of one of their videos.

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