The Cube

filmtiki has partnered with director Simon Wilkinson of Circa69, amoeba and Jilt van Moorst of robotfunk on transmedia storytelling project, The Cube, an interactive theatre installation which incorporates Oculus Rift and LEAP motion hand-tracking technology. filmtiki provides consulting on securing R&D funding and an experienced community management team to oversee The Cube online audience interaction. Together with amoeba and robotfunk, we have produced in-house a series of viral teaser trailers promoting The Cube V.01 and have also provided technical support and feedback over the course of development. All animation and interactive elements are designed by amoeba, working in conjunction with robotfunk.

Based on Circa69’s critically acclaimed live documentary performance piece, Beyond the Bright Black Edge of Nowhere, The Cube continues the story of an unsolved mass disappearance which occurred in Idaho in the late 1950s and has appeared in a host of digital festivals this year, including Watch Out Festival at Cambridge Junction, The Island in Bristol and at the Brighton Digital Festival 2015. The project has recently received R&D funding towards developing The Cube Version 2.0, which will premiere in Bristol in 2016. The Cube is supported by the Burley Historical society, Oculus, Cambridge Junction, LDD Research Group and supported with funding from The Arts Council England.

Have a look at the video below to find out more about The Cube.

Or take a look inside The Cube.

Here is a series of teaser trailers we developed and disseminated in relevant online forums.

The Cube Transmission_01

The Cube Transmission_02

The Cube Transmission_03

The Cube Transmission_04


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